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About Us

Our products are created for queens!! We believe everyone should see themselves as a Queen! No matter your race, size or sex, we are all equals! You should be free to express exactly who you are, free from ridicule.
You don't have to be obsessed with makeup to wear our products, it's ok if your not. We are and a lot of our products are based around cosmetics because we have a very serious addiction!! We love basic bitches too LOL Please don't take any offense to any lingo or such found on our site it is all in good fun and not to be taken too seriously.
We really do love everyone and strive to promote peace, love, empowerment and most importantly happiness and making life fun. Life should always be fun!
Customer service and your happiness is of utmost important to us if you have an issue with an order or just need to talk to someone please email us at
That being said all of our products are made to order so we do not accept returns or exchanges. Please be sure to check the sizing charts before ordering.
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